SVA Industrie Fernseh GmbH
Furnace Monitoring System

Float bath illuminant

Float badh illumination and illuminating hot areas makes sens for optimizing production control.

Areas of application: waterfence and carbonpusher for optimal illuminating of the monitoring. Illuminat: halogen 230 VAC, possible up to max. 1000 watt, water and azote cooled.


  • Water supply: 3/4” inner thread
  • Azote: Inner thread
  • up to 2 m: Diameter 60 mm
  • ex 2 m: Diameter 70 mm
  • Inner width: 92 mm
  • Length: up to 4000 mm
  • Water consumption: max. 350 l/h
  • Azote consumption: max. 250 l/h

Power supply: fixed by terminal box; 
operation required with isolation transformer.